Adventure tours in Cusco, Apurimac River Rafting 3 day

This exciting issue is ranked among the best in the world according to the Wolrd Class Rivers. We started our journey from Cusco 3300 mts. drive over 4 hours through the Andes to the Apurimac River (in the native Quechua language means "President of the Gods"). This river is a tributary of the Amazon the longest river in the world. Approximately 55 kilometers and is undergoing rapid, class III and IV, V. The ultimate in boating is the grade VI, and this is reserved only for adventurers and well-trained experts. The trip by the Apurimac is quite demanding and requires absolute concentration. A kayak safety as a companion for each raft, provides the necessary tranquility in case of a mishap. Those who know the Apurimac always say it's him who's boss, so the river deserves all the respect possible. No precaution is superfluous for those who dare to venture into their waters. Between wildlife in this remote and isolated canyon we can find river otters, wild cats, foxes, torrent ducks, cormorants, etc.

First Day:

We meet at 9:00 hrs and start our expedition, we start from Cusco, 4 hour bus ride crossing the Andes, arriving at Puente Huallpachaca located at 2900 meters altitude. After preparing all equipment will be given a safety briefing and exercises in the techniques of rafting. We will put emphasis on training of all participants, in the way back to the raft, the raft flipping, swimming so fast. We will be scouring the river for about 2 or 3 hours, rapids class II and III. Then we will camp in a narrow gorge with impressive walls. Here the guides prepare dinner, their responsibility is to help gather wood for cooking, and wash his own plate.

Second Day:

After a healthy breakfast we start rafting at approximately 9:00 hours. Today we are in the water for 6 hours, doing most of the class III and IV rapids, stopping for lunch and arrival at the camp around 16:00 hrs, today we will have afternoon tea and dinner and sleep in a sandy beach under the night sky of the southern hemisphere.

Third Day:

After a good breakfast, we will enjoy 4 hours of rafting, we will run Class V rapids, with names like "toothache", "first," "Last Laugh", the whole journey is an unforgettable experience filled with adventure and surrounded by lush nature... We will return to Cusco arriving after lunch around 18:00 hrs.

The service includes:

  • Professional Guide to Canoeing.
  • Full of boating equipment: wetsuit, life jacket, windbreaker suit, helmet, paddles.
  • Cold lunch (entree, dessert, fruit, hot and cold drinks, bread, etc..), We also have options for vegetarians. This should be informed one day before departure.
  • Private transportation from the hotel to the river and from the river to the hotel.
  • Kayak safety.

This tour does not included:

  • Digital photo services and video (optional, inquire at our office or via mail)
  • Tipping
  • Extras

We recommend for this tour:

  • Swimwear
  • Short, towel, sandals or slippers to enter the stream.
  • Hat and sunscreen.
  • Water bottle.
  • Camera

Note: The rapids are categorized as follows:

Difficulty I-II:

  • Easy safe, something exciting

Difficulty III-IV:

  • Good and exciting, with some risk

Difficulty V:

  • Very exciting and risky, additional vessel is needed security can be a kayak or boat, is the highest level that can be done with tourists.

Difficulty VI:

  • Extreme risk, you can do rafting.